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    Our goal is to help
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    We focus on the Quality of the Product
    with constant research and developement.

    To serve you better, we further added
    clinical accessories, instruments &
    development of infection control products.
  • Dispodent
    Double Arch Tray Quadrant
    Improved Design
    Side support for putty
    For wide quadrant arches
    Wide handle with space for lab communication
  • Dispodent
    Model Tray
    Made of High Impact,
    Stain resistant plastic material
    Available Colours
    Blue, Grey, White Yellow & Green
  • Dispodent
    Fusion bur organizer set
    Ideal bur dispensing and autoclaving box
    Efficient cleaning & sterilizing dental burs
    4 Colours for different procedures
    (Preparation, Cleaning & Polishing)
  • Dispodent
    We are professionals in our industry
    We offer wide range of products from disposables to infection control.
    Dispodent has become as a trusted brand among the dental fraternity.
    With us, each product is safe !!
  • Dispodent
    Sterilization Equipments
    Used to Cleaning, Packaging &
    Sterilization of Dental Instruments

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